Insurrection in Washington! What Goes Around, Comes Around!

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In the justifiable outrage over the storming of the United States Capitol by President Trump’s supporters as the Congress was ceremonially certifying the election of Joe Biden as the next president, mainstream media appears to have forgotten that the Clinton Administration supported Boris Yeltsin’s shelling of the Russian parliament to resolve a standoff between the legislature and the executive in October 1993.When the rapid pace of economic reform and the dissolution of economic networks following the disintegration of the Soviet Union had led to a groundswell of opposition to the Russian president, Yeltsin had begun to rule by Presidential Decrees that were obstructed by the parliament

Russuan Parliamant shelled

A day after tanks shelled the parliament Clinton phoned Yeltsin to congratulate him. This was the shelling of a parliament by the Russian military under orders from its commander in chief—a far more flagrant attack on democracy than all the other attacks on democracy that drew US praise and support!

More poignantly, commentators have underlined the contrast between how law enforcement agencies deal with predominantly White and Black protestors. In July 2020, as the Black Lives Matter protestors arrived in Washington, they were greeted by a massive security presence as illustrated by this photo of the Lincoln Memorial.


The police brutally cleared protestors from Lafayette Park for Trump to stage a photo op with the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff standing by his side as a loyal courtier.

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When American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today (ADAPT) activists protested for better health care or when actress Jane Fonda protested at the Capitol for legislation to reduce global warming, Capitol Police swiftly and brutally dealt with them.


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But when the predominantly White mobsters who stormed into the legislative chambers, sat in the chair of the presiding officer of the Senate, ransacked the office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and carried the Confederate flag through the building were unhindered when they entered the building. Indeed, the Capitol police even posed for Selfies with the thugs!

Shortly before the insurrectionists broke into the Capital, Trump had egged them on:

 Despite the fact that President Trump had been calling for massive protests, the Capitol police appear to have made no plans to deal with a wholly predictable insurrection! Trump’s personal lawyer Rudi Guiliani had called that very day for a “trial by combat” and even after the Capitol had been secured he had tried to call a new Senator and seek to have him prolong the certification of Biden’s election! 

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Even Republican supporters of Trump should be concerned with the insurrectionists—some of whom wore Auschwitz t-shirts and others paraded the Confederate flag through the halls of Congress—and of course Trump had vetoed the Military Appropriations Bill because it called for the removal of the names of Confederate generals from military bases—the only Trump veto overridden by Congress!


 Hopefully, this insurrection at the Capitol will lead the US to be less supportive of anti-democratic forces elsewhere in the world!

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